In addition to caring for general pediatric patients, a primary goal of the hospitalist group is to improve coordination of care for children with chronic conditions or special healthcare needs, including multisystem pathologies. The hospitalist’s goal is to bring a unified thought process to treatment, while working with MGHfC’s talented subspecialists and allied health professionals. Additionally, hospitalists work to improve communication with primary care doctors to help children continue to receive optimal care after they have left the hospital.

Other goals include:

  • Supporting residents when they are called for consultation to different parts of the hospital.
  • Improving residents’ access to attendings
  • Increased educational participation by the community teaching attending as well as the hospitalists
  • Better continuity of care for children with multiple admissions
  • Improved communication both within the hospital and with outside referring docs

Members of the group have clinical interests and expertise including:

  • Infectious disease
  • Adolescent medicine
  • General pediatrics
  • Newborn medicine
  • Education
  • Public health
  • Global Health
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Complex Medical Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Rehabilitation Medicine

The hospitalist group stands ready to help referring physicians as their patients transition into and back out of the hospital. Hospitalists’ intimate knowledge of consulting staff, nurses and residents helps families receive better coordinated and more consistent care during the challenging time of their child’s illness.

To transfer an inpatient from another facility to the hospitalist service at MGHfC, call the MGHfC access line at 1-877-644-8988 and press option 3. To refer a patient from your office for admission, or for any other questions related to the care of your patients, you can reach the Pediatric Hospitalist on-call at any time through our paging directory, 617-726-2000 (pager 21900).

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