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Over the years, our researchers have made significant advancements that are changing the way care is delivered. Narrow your search for a pediatric medicine research program by using the search box and/or filters.
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    Down Syndrome Research program

    Down Syndrome Research program. Down Syndrome Research program. Explore This Research Program • Overview • Research Projects • Group Members • Publications Overview We are a research team comprised of enthusiastic healthcare providers

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    Pediatric Endocrine-Neuroendocrine-Sports Endocrine Research

    Pediatric Endocrine-Neuroendocrine-Sports Endocrine Research. Pediatric Endocrine-Neuroendocrine-Sports Endocrine Research. Explore This Lab • Areas of Focus • Frequently Asked Questions • Publications Areas of Focus The Female Athlete Triad

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    Fasano Laboratory: Alessio Fasano, MD

    The Fasano Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital investigates changes in gastrointestinal microbiota to determine why some people with an inherited predisposition to celiac disease develop clinical disease, while others do not.

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    Fiorentino Lab: Rosaria Fiorentino, PhD

    The Fiorentino Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital studies the molecular mechanisms of host-microbial interaction to understand the impact of changes in the gut environment on brain function and behavior.

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    General Academic Pediatrics

    The Division of General Academic Pediatrics is an internationally known academic research division dedicated to improving the health of children and adolescents.

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    Global Health

    The Division of Global Health (DGH) at MassGeneral Hospital for Children builds and fosters international partnerships for interdisciplinary research, education and service in the developing world.

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    Göbel Lab: Verena Göbel, MD

    Göbel Lab: Verena Göbel, MD. Göbel Lab: Verena Göbel, MD. Explore This Lab • Overview • Research Projects • Publications Overview One of the objectives of the Laboratory of Verena Göbel, MD, at Massachusetts General Hospital is to

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    Hurley Laboratory: Bryan P. Hurley, PhD

    The Hurley Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital investigates infectious and inflammatory diseases that disrupt mucosal surfaces of the lung and digestive tract.

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    Intestinal Innate Immunity Group

    Experiments carried out by our group are directed at understanding the mechanisms that regulate intestinal innate immune responses to pathogenic and commensal bacteria.

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    Jain Lab: Nitya Jain, PhD

    The Laboratory of Nitya Jain, PhD, at Massachusetts General Hospital is investigating how the immune system develops and operates in newborns in order to develop new approaches to improving infant health.

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