What is spinal asymmetry and scoliosis?

Spinal asymmetry and scoliosis refer to curving of the spine from side to side when the person is examined from the back. People with scoliosis may also slouch or have rounded shoulders (kyphosis).

What is kyphosis and lordosis?

Kyphosis refers to curving of the upper spine curves inward when examined from the side. It can look like hunching of the back.

Lordosis refers to curving of the lower spine curves inward when examined from the side.

What is postural scoliosis?

People with Turner syndrome and scoliosis may not have any symptoms. Often, parents or guardians are concerned about their child’s posture. Over time, the appearance of the spine may improve, especially as children grow taller.

When doctors check for scoliosis, it can be somewhat flexible. When bending forward, the shape of the upper spine has a rounded appearance without sharp angles.

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