Turner syndrome is a genetic condition that affects only girls and women. It is caused by a missing or partial X chromosome. This condition may lead to different medical problems, including reduced height, late puberty, infertility and heart problems. Not every person has the same problems. Most people with Turner syndrome lead healthy lives with regular medical care and education.

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In addition to our in-house education materials, we endorse the following groups and resources:

Organizations and Websites


Professional Development and Career Resources

  • Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) - The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission helps individuals with disabilities to live and work independently.
  • At your visit to the TS clinic, we are happy to provide additional referrals and resources related to career development and professional skills development.

Recommended Books

  • Turner – Know Your Body! An Information Book on Turner Syndrome (Editor, Claus, H. Gravholt, 2009)
  • Standing Tall with Turner Syndrome (Claudette Beit-Aharon, 2013, available through lulu.com) – This collection of essays written by women with Turner syndrome was edited by the mother of a young woman who is one of the authors. Their insights are powerful, delightful and uniquely compiled.