Learn the different ways you can contact your doctor and your care team: Mass General Patient Gateway, phone, email, and regular mail.

Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway®

Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway is a secure portal (email) for you to contact your doctor.

Log into Patient Gateway

What you can do

  • Send messages to your doctor and care team
  • Check test results
  • Schedule appointments
What your care team can do
  • Send messages or appointment reminders
  • Send test results

Important things to know


What you can do

  • Schedule or cancel appointments
  • Check future appointments
  • Ask questions
  • Talk about a concern
What your care team can do
  • Call you with appointment reminders or test results.
  • Ask questions about your health or care
Important things to know
  • If you use voicemail, remember to check it to see if you have a message. Delete old messages that you do not need.
  • Right now, your doctors do not usually text patients.


What you can do

  • Ask short questions. For example, checking the time of your next appointment.
What your care team can do
  • Use email as a back-up way to reach you if you do not answer phone calls.
Important things to know
  • Email is not the best way to contact your doctor.
  • Email messages are not secure. This means they can get lost or sent to other people.
  • If you go away for a long time, set a "vacation reminder" or "out of office" message. This lets people know you are away. Remove the reminder when you come back.


What you can do

  • Mail important paperwork to your care team.
What your care team can do
  • Mail important paperwork or appointment reminders to you.
Important things to know
  • Make sure your doctor has your correct address.
  • If you move or change addresses, call the Registration and Referral Center at Massachusetts General Hospital at 866-211-6588.

Rev. 3/2018

Reviewed by the MGfC Family Advisory Council.