Welcome to the Turner Syndrome Clinic at Mass General for Children (MGfC) and Massachusetts General Hospital! Learn what to expect and how to prepare before your first appointment.

How do I schedule an appointment?

  1. Call the Medical Genetics Coordinator at 617-726-1561
  2. Call the Registration and Referral Center to register as a patient at MGfC or Mass General at 866-211-6588
  3. If necessary, get approval from your health insurance company for the appointment. The care team at the Turner Syndrome Clinic can help your primary care provider write a Letter of Medical Necessity, if needed.

What will happen at the first appointment?

  • You or your child will meet with different members of the care team. We will do our best to schedule as many appointments on the same day as possible. We may schedule some future appointments for any doctors that you or your child did not see on the first day.
  • We will go over past medical care and the current care plan.
  • You can ask the care team any questions about Turner syndrome, your care or your child’s care. We will ask permission to take a photo of you or your child for the medical record.

How long is the first day of appointments?

If you or your child are seeing many doctors, the first day takes about 4 hours total.

What should I bring for the first day of appointments?

Mail or email your or your child’s medical records to the care team. We require that medical records be available to us before the visit. Bring recent medical records to the visit. This includes important tests and appointment notes.

Which doctors will I or my child see?

Every patient will see Angela Lin, MD, co-director of the Turner Syndrome Clinic and a geneticist (genetics doctor) at MGfC and Massachusetts General Hospital. Depending on your needs, you or your child will meet other doctors, usually Lynne Levitsky, MD, co-director of the Turner Syndrome Clinic and a pediatric endocrinologist (hormone doctor). Some patients meet Dr. Levitsky first.

Is there research on Turner syndrome at MGfC?

Yes. Please ask Dr. Lin if you want to learn about research on Turner syndrome at MGfC and Mass General. Taking part in research is your choice. It will not affect your or your child’s care.

Where can I learn more about travelling to MGfC?

Learn more about parking and staying in Boston.

Rev. 7/2017