Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In December of 2020 I was given the incredible honor of leading our new, consolidated equity and community health efforts at Massachusetts General Hospital. It was a busy time, with a lot of uncertainty ahead, aside from the fact that we knew we would have a laser-like focus on COVID vaccination early in 2021. So much has happened this year, and while COVID has remained center-stage, we have assured equity in our efforts to address the pandemic—from our community doorsteps to the bedsides of Mass General.

2021 also gave us the opportunity to take stock of our incredible assets across the equity and community health portfolio at Mass General. And, we have now fully aligned our work with Mass General Brigham's United Against Racism and the developing Mass General Brigham Precision Community Health framework. It has been an amazing year, and below are just a few of the many highlights.

We are excited about what 2022 will bring. Hopefully, we will finally emerge out of the pandemic, our equity and community health team at Mass General will be organized for maximal impact, and we will contribute to—and be a key part of—a comprehensive system-wide equity and community health strategy and set of initiatives.

Before I end, I want to say loudly and clearly that none of what we do—and will do—could ever be accomplished if it were not for the incredible, passionate, dedicated, and committed Mass General equity and community health team that I am so humbly, and proudly, fortunate enough to lead. The greatest responsibility of leadership in my view is to support the work we care about, and, most importantly, the people who do it. I am so thankful to be in this position—it is the blessing of my lifetime, and I simply cannot express my appreciation enough.

So, thanks to all who support and partner in our efforts, formally and informally. We will continue to build on our award-winning, nationally recognized work, and like every year, we will try to make 2022 our best.

Rest up, enjoy the holidays, and we look forward to connecting with you—hopefully in person—in the new year.

With warmest regards,

Joseph Betancourt, MD, MPH
Senior Vice President, Equity & Community Health
Massachusetts General Hospital

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