Opportunities don’t always come at opportune times, but when they do, you should embrace them.

Words of wisdom offered by David Brown, MD, Mass General Hospital president, as he addressed the MGH Youth Programs Graduating Class of 2022

Thirty-four graduating high school seniors from Boston, Chelsea, and Revere public schools, along with sixteen graduating college seniors, came together on June 22nd to celebrate a job well done, despite their experiences being forever linked to the stresses of a global pandemic, a national reckoning on race, and an alarming increase in gun violence. Dr. Brown commended the Class of 2022 on their resilience and resolve as many embark on four-year college careers, some a gap year, and others entering the workforce.

Five high school student speakers were chosen to share their reflections and inspiring stories: Aida Caraballo from the Charlestown Coalition's Turn It Around; Sharina Castillo, MGH Youth Scholars High School Program; Valery Crayton from Healthy Chelsea's Teen Action Project; Katherine Licona Vallada, Healthy Chelsea's Youth Food Movement; and, Briana Vilme, Revere CARES Youth Initiative.

Rounding off the student speakers’ portion of the program was Kene Aniagboso, a 2022 graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. As an MGH College Alumni Scholar, Aniagboso previously interned at the Kraft Center for Community Health. She is now returning to the Mass General Brigham family, having recently matched to Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s pharmacy residency program which she will begin next month.

Keisha Antoine, Senior Program Manager for the MGH Youth Scholars, provided a wrap-up of the event and shared some final thoughts with the students, “You will have many triumphs, and you will also face many challenges, and in those times, I want you to find your ‘why,’” said Antoine. “Hold on to the ways you want to impact this world.”

View the graduation ceremony in its entirety here: