Loretta Joy Cummins Research Fellowship

Loretta Joy Cummins, MD (1883–1958) graduated from Tufts Medical School in 1903 and received her training at the Vanderbilt Clinic in New York City. In 1916 she became the first woman staff physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital when she was hired as a faculty member in dermatology. Dr. Cummins was also the first woman to pass the Dermatology Boards and was appointed a dermatologist at the hospital in 1928.

To honor her legacy, The Mass General Department of Dermatology offers a 1-year mentored clinical research fellowship for a medical student with the goal of advancing women in dermatology.


To advance women in dermatology this fellowship must meet one of the following criteria;

  • Either the mentor or mentee has to be a woman
  • The research area of interest has to be a dermatologic issue that affects women disproportionately

Qualified applicants will be a medical student and faculty mentor who develop a clear research and mentorship plan.  If you are interested in applying; please discuss with your potential mentor who will apply for the fellowship.  If you have any questions, please contact lfrank2@mgh.harvard.edu.

Deadline: May 17, 2024

HMS Scholars Stipend Matching Program

MGH Dermatology will supplement the stipend provided by the HMS Office of scholarly Engagement (OSE) for HMS students who commits to a 1-year research position with MGH Dermatology Faculty. If interested, please identify a potential mentor from the MGH Department of Dermatology. Your identified mentor can apply for funding once HMS OSE funding has been confirmed and secured.

Medical Student Poster Award for 2024 Annual Meetings (AAD, SID, etc)

Mass General Dermatology is delighted to announce the medical student poster award for the medical students who will be presenting their work in conjunction with an Mass General Dermatology Faculty member at either the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) or an associated society meeting are eligible.

The recipient will receive $750 to be used in travel or educational expenses.

Questions can be directed to Steven Chen, MD at stchen@partners.org.

Submit the application and all required materials to Laurie Frank at lfrank2@mgh.harvard.edu.

Deadline: January 31, 2024

Download the application for the medical student poster award

Note: Due to COVID-19 guidelines; presentations may be virtual.