Videos to help explain different skin and hair conditions, how they are treated, and what to expect during common dermatology procedures.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Dr. Jeff Yu talks about allergic contact dermatitis and allergens that you find in your personal products.

Blum  Center Program: Hidden Allergens in Your Cabinet: An Introduction to Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, is a chronic itchy skin condition that affects 10-20% of the population.   Dr. Yu discusses the symptoms and causes of eczema and covers treatment options.

Blum Center Program: Updates on Atopic Dermatitis - From Sunflower Oil to Dupilumab

Contact Dermatitis

Dermatologist Dr. Jeff Yu explains common causes for contact dermatitis, and how you can be tested for contact dermatitis. He explains what to expect from the patch testing procedure.

Video: Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis
Video: Patch Testing Demonstration


Dr. Jeff Yu, adult and pediatric dermatologist, explains what psoriasis is; what causes psoriasis; the symptoms of psoriasis; and how psoriasis is treated.

Skin Biopsy

Dr. Shinjita Das explains the purpose of a skin biopsy and the different types of biopsies.

Skin Biopsy: Introduction

What are the different types of skin biopsies?

How do I prepare for a skin biopsy?

Can you have a skin biopsy if you are allergic to anesthesia?

Skin Biopsy - Wound Care

Dr. Shinjita Das explains how to care for your skin after a skin biopsy.

Winter Skin Tips

Dr. Shinjita Das gives five skin care tips to keep your skin healthy in the winter months.

Tips to keep your hands healthy and hydrated

Hand washing is essential as we try and prevent virus spread. Dr. Mathew Avram provides simple tips to keep your hands healthy and hydrated.