Getting Started at the Weight Center

Care begins with learning more about what our center offers through new patient orientation. Following the information session, patients will be scheduled for an individual visit with an obesity medicine specialist, dietitian and psychologist specializing in obesity.

You may choose to attend one of our in-person orientation sessions. To learn more about orientation or for more information about in-person sessions, please call us: 617-726-4400.

Orientation and Consultation

At the new patient orientation, you will meet members of our staff and learn about the Mass General Weight Center and the programs we offer. Following orientation, patients will be scheduled for an individual visit with a physician specializing in obesity medicine (internist, gastroenterologist or endocrinologist), dietitian and psychologist. We pride ourselves on the partnership we establish with our patients. At this meeting we will ask questions about your expectations and goals associated with weight loss, and we will obtain information about your health, including:

  • Medical illnesses
  • Weight history
  • Eating habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Family medical background

We will also determine if you need other diagnostic tests or referrals to specialists who can address your specific health issues.

Following this first visit, the Weight Center team will meet and create a customized treatment plan suited to your personal needs. This plan may include nutritional, exercise and behavioral counseling and, if appropriate, may include weight loss surgery. These therapies can be offered in group and/or individual sessions.

Recorded Orientation Session