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Lifestyle programs at the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center are designed to address the knowledge, skills, attitudes and thoughts that drive behaviors related to eating and activity.

About eNutrition

Weight management is only one of the few important goals for this program. Healthier eating and activity are also important goals. Participant expectations relative to the rate, amount and overall importance of weight loss are addressed realistically from the outset. Participants are helped to make a personal commitment to behavior change. It is our goal to influence the lifestyle-related factors most closely ssociated with chronic disease risk.

This program is designed for Mass General Weight Center patients who have completed an initial comprehensive evaluation and have been referred by their Weight Center dietitian.

Patients must have computer and/or smartphone access and be willing and able to commit to an interactive online program which includes daily tracking of food intake, weekly review of online educational videos, goal setting and weekly online check-in with their Weight Center dietitian.

Program Benefits

Throughout the course of the 16-week eNutrition Program, patients will be given access to:
  • Track your weight, food and activity
  • Recieve educational videos and worksheets online
  • Email your dietitian with questions as needed
  • Recieve a weekly email from your Weight Center dietitian
You will also be scheduled to meet in person with your Weight Center dietitian throughout the course of the program to:
  • Register and set goals
  • Review progress
  • Review outcomes and discuss next steps
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program structured?

After your initial evaluation, you will be scheduled for the following two appointments:

  1. A test to measure your metabolism, or daily calorie needs. (This is billed to your health insurance.)
  2. An individual nutrition session (billed to your insurance) in which you will set your behavioral goals and your Weight Center dietitian will register you for an online 16-week program. This weekly program consists of check-ins on your progress, additional educational videos and guides, and general feedback.
You will be scheduled for two more individual sessions with the dietitian around weeks six and 12, as well as a final nutrition session at the end of the program to review outcomes and discuss next steps. At each in-person visit your dietitian will discuss your progress. 
What is the cost?
The out-of-pocket cost of the program is $325.00; this fee is for online access to the eNutrition Program tracking and education videos and handouts 16-week program: weekly videos and education materials sent directly to your email; once-a-week feedback (via email) from your Weight Center dietitian.

The metabolic test is billed to your health insurance.

Your individual nutrition visits will be billed to your insurance, or require payment for non-contracted insurance plans.

  • The out-of-pocket cost of the transition program is an additional $200.00 for six biweekly classes after completion of the MINT® program.
Your individual nutrition visits will be billed to your insurance, or require payment for non-contracted insurance plans.

Your medical visits will be billed to your health insurance and may require referrals or co-payments depending on the terms of your plan.