Through a special relationship with the military and the Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration, Massachusetts General Hospital offers an administrative fellowship/residency opportunity for members of the military receiving their Master of Health Administration from the Army-Baylor Program.

Modeled after Mass General's traditional Administrative Fellowship Program, this educational opportunity is limited to one year and is available only to candidates nominated by the Army-Baylor Program.

For selected candidates, the Army-Baylor Administrative Fellowship/Residency is the critical and primary means for students to apply skills developed during the didactic phase of their graduate program and further build their Army-Baylor medical executive competencies within an active healthcare system environment through a plan tailored to the individual needs of the fellow.

The overall objective of the administrative fellowship/residency is to provide fellows with opportunities to:

  • Further develop the Army-Baylor competencies, appropriate to middle- and senior-level management positions in healthcare settings, by applying the theories, concepts, and practices introduced during the didactic phase of the graduate program.
  • Develop a practical knowledge of the clinical and administrative elements of healthcare institutions across the Army-Baylor competency domains, identifying and targeting characteristics and behaviors identified by the fellow, preceptor and/or faculty advisor where the competencies and skills of the fellow require enhancement.
  • Strengthen a code of personal ethics, a philosophy of management, and a dedication to the high ideals and standards of excellence in healthcare administration.
  • Develop Army-Baylor competencies necessary for future healthcare leadership positions, including professional communication, by completing several preceptor-sponsored graduate healthcare management/administration projects and submitting written summaries of several projects for evaluation and Program completion.

The fellowship/residency phase of the Army-Baylor Graduate Health and Business Administration Program is the “hands-on” portion of the competency-based curriculum. Accordingly, the residency experience is holistically planned and coordinated to provide the fellow with specific and ample opportunities to build on competencies learned in the didactic phase through diverse experiences in healthcare administration within a complex healthcare system. The fellowship provides daily exposure to the operational realities of health services management in a variety of institutional settings and guided by highly competent and accomplished preceptors in the field of healthcare administration. Each fellow is evaluated based on demonstration of Army-Baylor competencies, through completion and assessment of a series of experiences, projects, and written communications. The preceptor and faculty determine and certify satisfactory completion of the fellowship/residency and overall degree program.

For Army-Baylor MHA/MBA students interested in the fellowship/residency at Mass General, contact Lorena Bailey, Army-Baylor MHA/MBA Graduate Program Residency Director, at The Program considers several key points when matching the students with the appropriate site. These include a student’s experience (both pre-didactic and didactic), time in service, previous assignments, advancement considerations, and plans for future assignments.

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