Former interns of the Dietetic Internship Program reflect on their time at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Intern Profiles

Jennifer Westerkamp, '09

"The internship really allowed me to grow and mature professionally in a real world setting."

Laura Freet, '08

"The internship provided a good foundation for my clinical skills and I got to learn from some complex medical diagnoses that you really only get to see at large teaching hospitals."

Ashley Reynolds, '08

"The MGH internship taught me how to adapt to a range of work styles, people, and environments."

Molly Newman, '08

"MGH exposed me to a variety of different opportunities for different career options – and helped me shape my own career path."

Laura Lutz, '07

"The internship provided me with a solid foundation of nutrition knowledge and demonstrated the importance of professionalism in being an effective employee and colleague."

Tracy Wilczek, '05

"The internship helped strengthen the importance of professionalism, timeliness, flexibility, team work, creativity and having a voice of authority."

Intern Testimonials

"The Dietetic Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital was an opportunity for me to grow as a person and as a professional. My preceptors and the department staff were very supportive, and I felt that they wanted me to succeed just as much as I wanted to succeed myself. The experience was challenging and rewarding; I now feel confident in my abilities to tackle anything I put my mind to." - Courtney Held, Kansas State University

"The bar is really high at MGH. You are surrounded by some of the top practitioners in the country grappling with the most complicated cases. It's an amazing place to learn the profession." - Beryl Henzy, University of Rhode Island

"The past twelve months have been life changing. This internship exceeded my expectations, teaching me skills and lessons that will never be lost. The variety of rotations, always led by experienced and knowledgeable preceptors, prepared me to enter a future in which I know I can take on any task, in any situation. I wouldn't give up this past year for anything, and no one can take it away from me." - Annelise McDowell, Simmons College

"The program was so well rounded and we were really pushed to do our best in every rotation. We were taken our of our comfort zone at times and learned to work under pressure" - Lindsay Weil, Syracuse University

"This past year was well worth the hard work. The amount of effort you put in will reflect the benefits you receive in the end. I can safely say I made life-long friendships this year." - Tara Minaker, University of Rhode Island

"This really has been one of the best years of my life, and I feel that I have learned so much about other people and myself. The preceptors at Mass General have been so great! Kendra McGahan, University of Northern ColoradoI've been exposed to many different areas and learned a great deal over the year. I think the internship does a great job of constantly auditing itself and looking for ways to improve" - Emily Huth, Johnson & Wales University

"I feel in the past year I was able to find out who I really am, I feel that I definitely was able to grow both personally and professionally. I developed the confidence in my ability and feel as though I can be put in any situation and be able to handle it professionally and correctly." - Jess Witchey, Pennsylvania State University

"Challenged me to confront my weaknesses, trained me to think in terms of goals and objectives, increased my awareness of building time management /efficiency skills, exposed me to various career opportunities and made me more aware of the professionalism that's necessary and expected" - Irene O'Hayer, University of Rhode Island

"I learned something new everyday from the wide variety of opportunities that were facilitated for me and from the amazing preceptors and staff I worked with.The MGH internship is very well rounded and strong in many areas; I was able to discover the area of nutrition I am truly interested in pursuing!" - Michele Coelho, Pepperdine University

"The length enabled us to have more experience in a lot of different areas. We were fortunate to have the business plan and specialty rotations. I felt that every preceptor/senior manager was available and wanted to help you grow and learn. MGH really lives up to being a teaching hospital" - Jami