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About This Division

Numerous factors in healthcare, including the aging of the population and advances in the care of chronic medical conditions, have led to increasing acuity among patients seeking emergency care. Coupled with hospital overcrowding, these factors mean more critical care is being provided in emergency departments than ever before. To address the need for dedicated critical care in the ED, the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Critical Care in Emergency Medicine was founded in 2017.

Mass General has been training EM physicians in Critical Care Medicine through the Department of Anesthesia Critical Care Fellowship since 2008 and has had EM-Critical Care faculty on staff since 2009. The faculty have a range of clinical backgrounds, with expertise in medical, surgical, and cardiac critical care and experience in academic and community critical care alike. The members of the Division collaborate with Boston MedFlight, Boston EMS, the Surgical ICU, the Medical ICU, and the Heart Center ICU on research and clinical projects. The Division of Critical Care also collaborates closely with the Division of Ultrasound for education and research, given the substantial overlap between these Divisions. The Division is represented in national Emergency Medicine and Critical Care organizations with faculty holding several leadership roles.

Our Goals

  • To educate emergency medicine residents and physicians about state-of-the-art critical care as relevant to the Emergency Department
  • To educate intensivists on the value of prehospital and emergency care
  • To improve the care of patients in the first minutes to hours of their critical illness
  • To improve the care of patients boarding in the ED, awaiting an ICU bed
  • To collaborate with colleagues in Critical Care research throughout the healthcare system