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Leaving the Emergency Department

If at the end of your Emergency Depart,ment (ED) visit you are being discharged home, we will go over a list of instructions to follow after leaving the hospital. Before you leave please make sure to:

  • Review your discharge summary with your care team
  • Understand your discharge and follow up instructions
  • Have your prescriptions
  • Ask us questions on anything you are unclear about
  • Ask for a work/school note if needed
  • Gather your belongings

Be sure to tell your regular primary and specialty care doctors that you visited the ED. They may want to follow up with you.

Dear Patient,

Thank you for choosing Mass General for your care. We are committed to providing you a positive experience, not only during your hospital stay but also after you are discharged home or to another care facility. 

Our commitment to successful discharge planning ensures that your care and healing will continue in a safe and well-organized way when you are ready to leave the hospital. Your medical team will work with you and your family to assess your ongoing needs and connect you with the resources and services you will require after hospitalization.

The discharge planning process includes your medical team:

  • Completing a timely and thorough discharge planning evaluation.
  • Providing your anticipated discharge date and reviewing your discharge plan with you.
  • Providing a complete list of resources that you can be referred or transferred to based on your medical needs. Resources may include community-based services, supports, agencies, and facilities.
  • Coordinating transport as needed based on your discharge plan.

Your patient rights and responsibilities include:

  • The right to participate in the discharge planning process.
  • The responsibility to actively participate in healthcare decisions, including the discharge planning process.

We hope the recommended discharge plan meets your needs. We will do our best to respond to any questions and concerns about the specific plan developed for you. If, however, you do not follow our safe and appropriate discharge plan as determined by your medical team, we may be required to use a less safe discharge plan once you no longer require acute care hospitalization.

Please ask to speak with your Case Manager or medical team with any questions.