Current Fellows


Ashley Weisman
Ashley Weisman, 2019-2020 fellow

Ashley Weisman, MD

Dr Ashley Weisman (formerly Kochanek) is a 2016 HAEMR graduate who is delighted to be back for more as a wilderness medicine fellow. She spent the last three years working in a busy community emergency room in Washington, climbing rocks, skiing volcanos, and volunteering with search and rescue. She has a special interest in rural health and will be dividing her time between Boston and Kotzebue, Alaska. She hopes to share her excitement for rural healthcare and outdoor adventures with everyone at Mass General. When she is not working, she can be found climbing, skiing, biking or running with her husband and one-year-old old son in tow. 

Brian Strickland, MD
Brian Strickland, 2019-2020 fellow

Brian Strickland, MD

Brian is currently finishing up his residency at the University of Chicago, and prior to this attended medical school at the University of Southern California. Although he grew up in Kansas, his interests include high altitude and dive medicine, as well as working with underserved populations in austere environments.

Outside of the ED, Brian is an enthusiastic traveler, skier, motorcyclist, and climber. He is very excited to join the Mass General team.


Brian Strickland, MD
Bryan Jarret, 2018-2019 fellow

Bryan Jarret, MD

Bryan received his MD from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and performed his residency at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

Fellowship Alumni

Peter Fagenholz, MD
High Altitude Research Fellowship: 2005-2007

Tracy A Cushing, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAWM
Inaugural Wilderness Medicine Fellowship: 2008-2010

Doug Gregorie, MD
Fellowship: 2010-2011

John Tanner, MD
Fellowship: 2011-2013

Justin Pitman, MD
Fellowship: 2013-2014

Hillary Irons, MD, PhD
Fellowship: 2012-2015

Renee N. Salas, MD, MPH, MS
Fellowship: 2013-2015 

Lara L. Phillips, MD
Fellowship: 2014-2015

Isabel M. Algaze Gonzalez, MD
Fellowship: 2015-2016

Sarah Terez Malka, MD, FAAP, FAAEM, FACEP
Fellowship: 2016-2018 

Nathaniel Mann, MD
Fellowship: 2016-2018 

Carlo Canepa, MD
Fellowship: 2017-2018