The mission of the Global Health Innovation Laboratory is to care for the world's most vulnerable populations by developing and facilitating healthcare delivery, research, education and capacity-building initiatives.

Current Initiatives and Programs

Past Initiatives and Programs

  • Health Education Alliance for Liberia

    As Liberia strives to overcome 14 years of civil war, national leaders face the difficult task of rebuilding a devastated healthcare system. Liberia’s child mortality rate is the 5th worst in the world, with nearly 1 in 4 children dying by age 5. Today, only about 50 physicians remain in Liberia – and tragically, the country does not have a single, fully-trained pediatrician. Health Education Alliance for Liberia (HEAL) is a consortium that includes six universities dedicated to improving access to pediatric care in Liberia.

  • Initiative for Emergency Care in Rural Uganda

    The Initiative for Emergency Care (IEC) aims to strengthen emergency care in the Rukungiri district of rural Uganda with an eye to long-term sustainability.

  • Maternal and Infant Health Initiative (MIHI), 2006 to 2010

    The Maternal and Infant Health Initiative (MIHI) was a program that began in 2006 with an aim to implement a strategically coordinated system for delivering maternal and infant health services across the continuum of care-one rural district at a time-in Zambia.

  • South Sudan Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival Initiative

    We are working to reduce maternal and child mortality by training frontline health workers on care for pregnant women, newborns, and young children across East Africa.

  • Initiative to End Child Malnutrition

    For less than $1 a day, we are working to create a model malnutrition program in rural Uganda that will train health workers, educate community members, and improve outcomes for children.

  • Initiative for Peace Creation

    The Initiative for Peace Creation (IPC) applies rigorous scientific thinking to the question, "How can we measure peace?"