Clinicians at the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program provide personalized, lifelong care for adolescent and adult patients with the entire spectrum of congenital heart disease. Meet the members of our dedicated team.

By specialty:

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Physicians and Nursing

Ami Bhatt, MD, Program DirectorAmi Bhatt, MD
Program Director

Doreen DeFaria Yeh, MDDoreen DeFaria Yeh, MD

Chris Learn, MDChris Learn, MD

Ada StefanescuAda Stefanescu, MD, MSC, MDCM

Sherrin Gallagher, NP (ACHD Nurse Practitioner)Sherrin Gallagher, NP
ACHD Nurse Practitioner

Lauren McLaughlin, RN (ACHD Program nurse)Lauren McLaughlin, RN
ACHD Program Nurse

Adult Congenital Cardiac Surgery

Jordan Bloom, MD, MPHJordan Bloom, MD, MPH

Duke Cameron, MDDuke Cameron, MD

Thor Sundt, MDThor Sundt, MD

Adult Congenital Cardiac Intervention (Catheter-based Procedures) 

Ignacio Inglessis, MDIgnacio Inglessis, MD

Rahul Sakhuja, MDRahul Sakhuja, MD

Ada StefanescuAda Stefanescu, MD, MSC, MDCM

Adult Congenital Electrophysiology

Conor Barrett, MDConor Barrett, MD

Moussa Mansour, MDMoussa Mansour, MD

Pediatric Cardiology

Oscar Benavidez, MDOscar Benavidez, MD

Puneeta Arya, MDPuneeta Arya, MD

Ana Maria Rosales, MDAna Maria Rosales, MD

Manuela Lahoud-Rahme, MDManuela Lahoud-Rahme, MD

Cardiac Genetics

Steven Lubitz, MD, MPHSteven Lubitz, MD, MPH

Mark Lindsay, MD PhDMark Lindsay, MD, PhD

Marfan and other Genetic Aortopathies programs

Angela Lin, MDAngela Lin, MD

Turner Syndrome Program

Paula Goldenberg, MDPaula Goldenberg, MD

22q11 Syndrome Program

Barbara Pober, MDBarbara Pober, MD

William’s Syndrome Program

Brian Skotko, MD PhDBrian Skotko, MD PhD

Down’s Syndrome Program

Maternal Fetal Medicine with Cardiac Focus

Allison Bryant, MDAllison Bryant, MD

Anjali Kaimal, MDAnjali Kaimal, MD

Ilona Goldfarb, MDIlona Goldfarb, MD

William Barth, MDWilliam Barth, MD

Jeff Ecker, MDJeff Ecker, MD