About Us

The MGH Chelsea Advisory Board for Clinical Research (ABCR) was created by the MGH Chelsea Community Research Program in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, its disproportionate impact on the Chelsea population and the importance of supporting community-based clinical research to advance the science of COVID-19 and its treatment and prevention.

Beginning in 2021, the ABCR will meet to review incoming protocols to MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center at the pre-IRB level, and will be composed of members with deep expertise in clinical care, health service operations, and research, while also integrating feedback from a diverse array of community stakeholders.


Why do we exist?

The MGH Chelsea Advisory Board for Clinical Research is a multidisciplinary, community-clinical stakeholder group committed to assuring that clinical research efforts conducted at the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center balance the highest expectations of scientific and research excellence with respect and opportunities for the diverse patient populations that we serve.


What do we want to create?

The ABCR will promote accessibility to research participation, respect for participants, consideration of research ethics,and researcher cultural competency via a comprehensive and systematic approach to evaluating community engagement in clinical research performed at the MGH Chelsea Healthcare Center. The ABCR aims to connect researchers, HealthCare Center colleagues, and the Chelsea community to assure maximal and equitable engagement of all partners to achieve greater health equity and sustainability of research efforts. In so doing, the ABCR aims to reduce potential biases in research protocols that impinge upon the full and equitable participation of minority populations in research that lead to results that can be more generalized to a diverse, inclusive and empowered patient population.