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The Community Research Program at MGH Chelsea conducts monthly roundtable meetings and yearly research day event.

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MGH Chelsea Advisory Board for Clinical Research

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Community Research Week

Our Eighth Annual Community Research Week was held October 2-6, 2023. Our keynote address was given by Dr. Philip Landrigan on “Childhood Lead Poisoning in America: Past Victories & Continuing Dangers.” We invite you to browse our poster sessions below.

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About Us

The Community Research Program at MGH Chelsea began in May 2013 with the first meeting of the MGH Chelsea Research Roundtable.

The Research Roundtable was initially supported by the Speech, Language & Swallowing Disorders and Reading Disabilities Department, and then by the MGH Division of Clinical Research and MGH Chelsea Administration. It is now also supported by the MGH Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM) and the MGH Chelsea Department of Behavioral Health.

Why Community-based Research?

Inclusive and collaborative research results from partnerships with stakeholders. When the formation of research questions, analysis and enrollment occurs in partnership with communities of interest, study results are more likely to be relevant to the community and promote development of solutions that address community-identified problems. Results are also more likely to be disseminated back to the communities.

Increasing awareness around community-based research is crucial as it allows community members to receive training and opportunities to collaborate with interdisciplinary research teams in order to study topics of direct importance to the community. The results of these studies directly affect the lives of the participants and can potentially improve the lives of other community members as well.

Mission Statement and Research Priorities

The Community Research Program at MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center supports research across the lifespan. We emphasize interdisciplinary and community collaborations that target health disparities, advance clinical practice and improve the well-being of our patients and their communities.

Research priority areas originate from the mission statement and are priorities generated from the research community. They are:

  • Health disparities
  • Practice transformation, health care redesign and digital health
  • Health prevention and promotion
  • Community interventions
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Child development
  • Mental health and substance use

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