MGH Revere HealthCare Center in Revere, MA, offers expert outpatient services for the whole family, incorporating the latest clinical innovations into our care.

Adult Primary Care/Internal Medicine

The Adult Primary Care/Internal Medicine physicians at MGH Revere HealthCare Center and MGH Revere Broadway work with you in coordinating all your healthcare needs, from routine physical exams to the diagnosis and treatment of complicated medical problems and referrals to specialists. Your primary care physician will also tell you about preventive medicine and wellness programs. Contact us: 781-485-6300.


The asthma case manager coordinates asthma care including inhaler/medication teaching, flu shot clinics and individualized asthma action plan. Contact us: 781-485-6350.


As an extension of the expertise available at the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center at MGH, Dr. Maria Vivaldi, a board certified staff cardiologist at Mass General, provides cardiac care to patients at the Revere Health Center. Her consultations and clinical cardiac care are focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease - bringing leading cardiac care to the community served by Revere Health Center. Contact us: 617-643-3400.


The Dermatology Department consists of a board certified dermatologist, two nurses and a medical assistant, who deliver state-of-the-art care to patients with rare and common conditions of the skin, hair and nails. Contact us: 781-485-6140.

Developmental Pediatrics

The Developmental Program at MGH Revere HealthCare Center provides for the evaluation and management of a variety of problems including Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Prematurity and Learning Disorders. In addition, children with a variety of behavioral issues including Enuresis, Encopresis, Colic and Sleep Disorders are also managed. The program is under the direction of the physician and speech pathologist. Contact us: 781-485-6024.

Diabetic Study

The Diabetes Self Management Education Program provides group and individual education sessions with a Nurse Practitioner and a Nutritionist. The program also includes monthly Support Groups with an LPN and a Diabetes Coach for our Cambodian patients. We also offer annual diabetic eye exams through our Retinopathy Clinic 2 Fridays per month in collaboration with Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston. Our Diabetes Self Management Education Program is certified by the American Diabetes Association. Contact us: 781-485-6350.

Food for Families

The Food for Families program aims to improve overall health status by reducing the incidence of food insecurity and hunger among individuals and families. The program identifies families in the Pediatrics, Medicine-Pediatrics and Obstetric Departments at the MGH Revere Healthcare Center experiencing hunger or who are at risk for hunger through a single validated screening question or through a direct referral from doctors, nutritionists or other professionals within the health center. Contact us: 781-485-6024.


The Gynecology Department provides care for women from young adulthood onward, from contraception to menopause. Our three gynecologists and one nurse practitioner perform routine female care, treat a variety of problems, address multiple health issues and plan surgeries for their patients. Contact us: 781-485-6450.

HAVEN Program for Domestic Violence

HAVEN at Mass General works as part of the broader movement to end intimate partner abuse by improving and enhancing the hospital’s health care response to patients, employees and community members who have been impacted by abuse. HAVEN provides supportive counseling, advocacy, support groups, workshops and accompaniment to survivors of intimate partner abuse. HAVEN also provides training, consultation and policy advice to providers at Mass General. The program also conducts research on various issues facing program clients, as well as conducts program evaluations to identify areas for improvement. Contact us: 781-485-6108.

Healthy Steps Program

The Healthy Steps for Young Children program is dedicated to encouraging strong relationships between pediatric practices and parents with their first child from the age of birth to three years. The Child Development Specialists monitor child health and development, promote good health practices, and respond to parents' concerns about their developing infant or toddler. Contact us: 781-485-6024.

Interpreters Services

Our on-site interpreters are available to translate in different languages including Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Khmer. Written translation for informational handouts and or signage within the health center is also available, and we offer IPOP for languages not offered by on-site interpreters. Contact us: 781-485-6147.


The Laboratory at the MGH Revere HealthCare Center supports patient care by providing timely and accurate clinical laboratory information on blood and body fluids. Experienced phlebotomists provide pediatric and adult phlebotomy services to patients under the care of a Mass General Brigham clinician. They obtain the blood samples for testing and also perform EKG’s. Medical Technologists perform the tests and make the results available to the clinician. Contact us: 781-485-6190.

Living Tobacco-Free

MGH Community Health Associates’ Living Tobacco-Free program helps people quit cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. Trained coaches work one-on-one with people who are thinking about quitting tobacco to help them create an individualized plan for quitting. Coaches coordinate with a person’s medical providers and will make referrals to other helpful resources. Living Tobacco-Free's services are free to everyone, without any co-pay. To schedule an appointment, call 781-485-6210.


MGH Revere HealthCare Imaging provides the patient with screening mammograms using the latest digital mammography. Mammograms are read by our breast imaging radiologists. Contact us: 781-485-6180.

Med/Peds Family Care

The Med/Peds Family Care physicians take care of everyone in your family. They have the expertise to treat newborns, young children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Contact us: 781-485-6350.

Mental Health & Social Services

The Mental Health Department services patients with a variety of disorders including depression, anxiety and other stressors in their lives. The department is made up of a combination of psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists who work together as a multidisciplinary team to help families and individuals cope with their stress and live better lives. Learn more about our Mental Health Department or contact us: 781-485-6100.

The Mother Infant Lactation Club (MILC)

Meet other moms, learn more about breastfeeding, and build your network! The Mother Infant Lactation Club will provide a friendly, comfortable and supportive environment for families to meet to discuss their questions regarding breastfeeding, newborn care, adjusting to parenthood and breast pump use. 

Fridays 11:00am - 12:30pm

MGH Revere HealthCare Center
300 Ocean Avenue, Revere, MA 
Roger Sweet Conference Room/Exterior Entrance Door #2

For more information, please call Maylene Collado-Wulff at 781-485-6264 or Danielle Churchill at 617-887-4105.


The Neurology Department includes a board certified Neurologist, nurse and medical assistant, who provides comprehensive consultative services, access to diagnostic testing and treatment for a broad spectrum of nerve disorders. Contact us: 781-485-6140.


MGH Revere Outpatient Nutrition Services provides a range of programs that address the special nutrition needs of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, high cholesterol), gastrointestinal disorders and pediatric nutrition. We also provide counseling and education around pediatric and adult obesity and weight management, senior health issue, women's health and prenatal nutrition. All of our plans are individualized for each patient. Contact us: 781-485-6070.


The obstetrics specialists provide a woman with care from her adolescent years onward. Pregnant women can receive all their prenatal care at the health care center and can choose either an OB/GYN specialist or a nurse midwife. A social worker and nutritionist are also part of the team. Birthing occurs at Mass General in Boston, which has noted neonatal specialists and one of the region's most respected neonatal intensive care nurseries. We prepare new parents for the birth of their baby, guide them in choosing a pediatrician and discuss what they can expect in their child's first year. Contact us: 781-485-6450.

Pediatric Primary Care

The pediatric practice provides children of all ages with personalized primary care, preventive and health maintenance care, and specialty pediatric services. We encourage regular well child visits for healthy children. We also fully coordinate care for children with disabilities, chronic illness and other complex medical conditions. Other onsite services include speech and language therapy, child development, mental health and nutrition. Contact us: 781-485-6024.


The pharmacy at the Revere HealthCare Center offers outpatient services for Mass General Hospital Patients and the employees of Mass General and their families. The pharmacy offers prescription services and counseling at a convenient location north of Boston. All Massachusetts insurance plans are accepted at the pharmacy. Contact us: 781-485-6015.

Physical Therapy

The Physical and Occupational Therapy Department at the Revere HealthCare Center provides preventive and rehabilitative services to patients with a wide variety of functional limitations and disabilities. As a new patient, you'll receive a thorough examination to identify the source of your pain or dysfunction. Then you and your therapist will work together to develop goals for your therapy and design a plan of care to restore you to your highest level of mobility and function for work, recreation and all of the activities of living. Patient and family education and ongoing communication with your physician are priorities for our therapists. Contact us: 781-485-6222.


The Podiatry department consists of two board certified podiatrists, a nurse and medical assistant. They provide expert clinical care and state-of-the-art treatment options for the entire range of foot care. Contact us: 781-485-6140.

Radiology (X-ray)

MGH Revere HealthCare Imaging provides patients with the latest diagnostic imaging technology. X-rays are all read by the Mass General sub-specialized radiologists. Contact us: 781-485-6180.

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read is a national early literacy program that takes advantage of the access that pediatricians have to children who are in their critical early years of cognitive and language development. Pediatricians talk to parents about the importance of reading aloud to their children and give developmentally appropriate books to their patients to take home at all pediatric check-ups from the ages of six months to five years. Contact us: 781-485-6038.

Revere CARES.

The Revere CARES coalition consists of a group of concerned Revere residents, service providers, and representatives from health care, the Revere Police Department, the Revere School System, business, community groups, city government and youth working together to help reduce adolescent use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; increase physical activity and access to healthy food; and decrease hunger in Revere. Contact us: 781-485-6103

School-based Health Center

The school-based health center is located within Revere High School where we provide comprehensive health care services including primary care, mental health and referrals for special services to students at RHS and Seacoast Academy. Contact us: 781-284-1483.

Senior Wellness Program

Senior Wellness is a proven community wellness program specially designed for older adults who want to address health issues. It is designed to improve there overall health. It supports and encourages physical, mental and social activity changes in their lives. Contact us: 781-485-6062.

Speech, Language, Swallowing Disorders and Reading Disabilities

The Speech-Language Department offers comprehensive evaluation and terms of treatment in English and Spanish for children/adults communication issues in areas such as: articulation, autism, understanding and use of spoken language, learning disabilities, reading/written language, stuttering and vocal hoarseness as well as hearing screenings and accent reduction. Services in other languages are available with use of an interpreter. Contact us: 781-485-6124.

Vascular Medicine

The Vascular Medicine Clinic at MGH Revere HealthCare Center provides advanced diagnosis, treatment and prevention for diseases of the vascular or circulatory system. The circulatory system includes the arteries, veins and lymphatics. Services include evaluation, medical management, testing/interpretation, and referrals, as needed, for vascular conditions such as blood clots, leg swelling, leg pain when walking, and blood vessel abnormalities. Contact us: 781-487-2972 or 781-485-6140.

Wellness Center

The Mass General Benson-Henry Wellness Center in Revere is located on the 5th Floor of the MGH Revere HealthCare Center, providing affordable wellness programs that help to build and strengthen your level of health. Taking good care of yourself may help prevent certain medical problems, and may also help you to better deal with health problems that may already exist. Services include acupuncture; massage therapy; yoga; Tai Chi; mind body groups for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and sleeping better; tools for relaxation and stress reduction. (Please note: You must be a patient receiving primary care through a Mass General provider to enroll in the wellness programs. Some of the groups are covered by insurance, and other services have discounted out-of-pocket rates). Contact us: 781-485-6400.

Women, Infants & Children's Nutrition Program

The Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Food Program (WIC) provides nutrition counseling, referrals and checks for healthy foods to income-eligible prenatal women, postpartum women, infants and children up to age five. Fathers, guardians and foster parents are also welcome to apply for WIC services for children in their care. Please call us if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a child under five years of age to make an appointment. Contact us: 781-485-6040.

Youth Zone

Youth Zone is a free after school program designed to provide a safe place for youth ages 10-17 to develop positive life skills, within the context of a caring community, which will better prepare them to deal with the challenges of adolescence. Contact us: 781-485-6030.