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Internal Medicine Residency Program

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital provides innovative, state-of-the-art training in primary care internal medicine. Residents receive training in primary care practice, health policy, systems-based practice, practice improvement, communication skills, leadership skills and the care of vulnerable populations. Our graduates are leaders within academic medicine, health care foundations, community health centers, and state and federal health policy roles.

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Crimson Care Collaborative (CCC)

This student-faculty collaborative practice was started by Harvard Medical School students and the Mass General Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation. The practice is a student-administered evening clinic where medical students, mentored by faculty members, provide care for patients who do not have a primary care doctor. In addition, the practice provides evening urgent-care access to patients of Mass General’s Internal Medicine Associates practice. By building the practice model from the ground up, students have been involved in all aspects of operations, financial planning and social services for the practice.

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Fellowship in General Medicine and Primary Care

Investigators and fellows with the Division of General Internal Medicine focus their research on common clinical problems faced in primary care, public health and global health. These research efforts are well-suited for the scientific needs of health care in the immediate future, with its increasing emphasis on personalized medicine, efficient population health management, comparative effectiveness of medical interventions and global engagement. Fellows pursue research projects led by research faculty and have the opportunity to collaborate with investigators at the Mongan Institute for Health Policy.

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The Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation

The Stoeckle Center was established at Mass General in 2000 to address the mounting challenges in primary care and to preserve and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship as the cornerstone of primary care. Our work focuses on innovation, education and research, and we collaborate with numerous groups and organizations to improve primary care for patients and professionals.

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Career Development Program in Substance Use and Addiction Medicine

This program provides salary, training, and project support for two to five years of intensive mentored research training and career development for promising post-doctoral clinician-scientists who aim to establish independent research programs in patient-oriented substance use and addiction research. The program offers a multidisciplinary clinical research training program based at Mass General and Harvard Medical School. Scholars receive a concentrated research experience, mentorship, and advanced training to prepare them for leadership in addiction medicine through influential positions in government or independent research careers in academics or industry. 

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