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The ePal Project is an innovative approach to educating and improving the pain management of cancer patients at Mass General. Lead by Drs. Kamal Jethawani and Mihir Kamdar, the smartphone application was launched at Mass General in 2014, and provides guidance from physicians at Mass General on how to best manage patients' pain at home. The application provides educational resources to patients on pain management, includes video guidance from Mass General staff, and includes answers to commonly asked pain management questions. If a patient self reports severe pain that may require immediate attention, the app will intervene and ask a provider from Mass General to call the patient to discuss their pain. By helping to effectively manage pain at home, the application has the potential to help patients avoid unnecessary trips to their doctor's office or the emergency room.

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Research Study Staff

Mihir Kamdar, MD
Kamal Jethwani, MD, MPH