Greetings MGH ALS Community,

Mass General Hospital ALS clinic team is incredibly excited about FDA's approval of Radicava™ (Edaravone) to treat ALS on 5/5/2017. This is the first approval of ALS treatment since Riluzole was approved 22 years ago.

Read the FDA announcement.

We are working closely with the MT Pharma to ensure that all our patients have access to Radivaca. Bringing newly approved treatments to market can take some time and we anticipate that Radicava will probably be available in the US in the next 90 days. We will keep you informed with any new updates.

For questions about Radicava, please feel free to contact the following services set up by the company:

  • MT Pharma's Medical Affairs 1-888-292-0058
  • Searchlight Support™1-844-SRCHLGT (1-844-772-4548)
  • You can also sign up to receive updates about Radicava, including when it will be available for your healthcare provider to prescribe, at:

The approval of Radicava is a big success for ALS research and most importantly a great victory for all ALS patients.

MGH ALS Clinic Team