Congratulations to Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc, Director of the Sean M. Healey and AMG Center for ALS and Chief of Neurology at Mass General, who presented “A Powerful Promise,” a keynote speech at Accelerating Transformation, the 2019 Press Ganey National Client & Executive Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, November 18th. Dr. Cudkowicz shared her promise to not give up on patients with ALS and their families, saying “we are focused on finding a cure – but along the way we are also committed to easing the burden of what is, without a doubt, a difficult journey for our patients.” She also shared how she and the entire caregiving team at the Healey Center for ALS honor that commitment while also managing the stress of their clinical work and the emotional toll associated with caring for people living with ALS. “We are not defined by our roles; we’re defined by the kindness we show to each other. That’s why I'm devoted to ALS. And that’s what gives me the certainty that everything is possible.”

Dr. Cudkowicz’s story of physician resilience and grit is also featured in “The Good Doctor,” a book by Tom Lee, MD, a practicing physician and chief medical officer of Press Ganey Associates, and his new podcast series, "Good Doctors: Stories from the Heart of ​Health Care."

Listen to Dr. Cudkowicz’s episode, “Here to Help.”