Meet Elisha Galler, 22 years old, who founded the Hope. Time. Cure. Epilepsy Foundation in 2013 because his younger brother, Elan, suffers from severe epilepsy.

“My brother has been a patient of Dr. Thiele’s since 2010. We’ve grown very close to Dr. Thiele. Her whole team is a constant support to us. They are really on the cutting edge of research therapies and way of helping patients socially. Those are the programs we want to support.”

Staying true to his words and the organization’s mission, Elisha and his Hope Time Cure Epilepsy Foundation recently donated $60k to make the November 4, 2017 Mass General Epilepsy and Education Conference possible. More than 85 people attended the conference, focused on strategies to address classroom performance and behavior in children who have epilepsy. For this reason, Elisha is our Hero of the Month!