The Massachusetts General Hospital Neurology Comprehensive Consult Service Leadership Team was honored with this year’s Nathaniel Bowditch Prize, recognizing the group’s efforts to redesign care delivery in the Mass General Emergency Department (ED). As part of their efforts, the team was able to reduce the length of stay in the ED by 14 percent – or an average of 1.5 hours per patient – and saved the hospital an estimated 140 bed days with a cost savings of about $1.4 million by the second year.

“We are honored by this award and very pleased to share this recognition with all of the providers on the Neurology Comprehensive Consult Service,” says Mallory Davis, administrative director of Neurology. “The expedited patient disposition decisions and actual reduction in ED length of stay are impressive, but we are also proud of the impact this team has had on patient care. We have anecdotal data that indicates patients are getting to see a Neurology attending faster than before and that our residents are grateful for the increased teaching and oversight in the ED.”

The Bowditch Award is given annually by the Mass General Board of Trustees to an individual or team who enhances the delivery of quality patient care at Mass General while also reducing the cost of that care. It is named for Nathaniel Bowditch, a 19th century pioneer of celestial navigation whose family has a long history with Mass General.

“This year there were 13 team and three individual nominees – for a total of 196 nominated individuals,” said Andrew Warshaw, MD, surgeon-in-chief emeritus and chairman of the Bowditch Prize Selection Committee. “All the nominations were for outstanding contributions, and every effort was remarkable.”

Nominees for the 18th annual award were honored at a Jan. 30 ceremony in the Trustees Room, where their commitment to identifying, testing and disseminating these innovative and inspired ideas was celebrated. Along with Warshaw, speakers included Timothy G. Ferris, MD, MGPO CEO, Cathy Minehan, chair of the Mass General Board of Trustees, and Peter L. Slavin, MD, Mass General president.

“Your desire to think creatively strengthens the already high-quality care we deliver to our patients and helps make Mass General a leading health care resource for the community, the region and the world,” said Slavin.