"I like to include patient's concerns, preferences and value in prioritizing treatment recommendations. My hope is to create a positive experience for patients, where they are comfortable expressing their concerns, understanding their disease and learning about disease management," says Cheng.  

Patient Testimonial

"My daughter and I met with Dr. Cheng this afternoon and, as you can well imagine, Dr. Cheng was a huge help to her... he has provided us with an action plan for her, which will allow her to recover from her current condition and return to exercise next week, hopefully. She is delighted to receive a green light to gradually return to her normal schedule, augmented by a proactive care regimen, per Dr. Cheng, which will hopefully prevent a recurrence of the pain she has experienced.

We are so grateful for your help connecting us (once again!) with Dr. Cheng... all my daughters are in wonderful shape due to your gracious intervention to arrange their care by your amazing colleagues at MGH. We are blessed to share your friendship and thoughtful assistance."