Jacob, 9 months


"Jacob was six months when he started to get infantile spasms. The first time, it was really, really scary." - Tatiana, Jacob's mom

Michael, 8


"Michael never, ever quits. He's the hardest working person I've ever met in my life." - Russ, Michael's dad

Danica, 13


"Tuberous sclerosis hasn't affected me in any big ways. I think I'm really lucky." - Danica

Troy, 19


"If I've made it out of a seizure, I think I can make it through anything." - Troy

Laurie, 38


"Life with tuberous sclerosis isn't easy. I had struggles in certain things, but here I am today and it's wonderful." - Laurie

Brad, 40


"TSC and mental health issues often go hand in hand, and are quite under-diagnosed and under-recognized, both in providers and certainly in families, and people who suffer from TSC." - Nicole Danforth, Psychiatrist

Steve, Multigenerational

Steve & his children

"The supposition is that it came from my paternal grandmother. It's possible that it's been in my family for, at least now, four generations." - Steve