Rachita Yadav

Dr. Yadav completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Laurie Ozelius in Neurology and Dr. Michael Talkowski in the Center for Genome Medicine (CGM). As a postdoc, she led part of the study which narrowed down the XDP associated region as defined by recombinations and discovered the role of SVA as the genetic cause of XDP by integrating genome and transcriptome sequencing using short-read and long-read technologies (Aneichyk*, Yadav*, et al., 2018, Cell, Bragg et al., 2018, PNAS).

In 2021, Dr. Yadav was promoted to Instructor in Neurology at MGH and her current research focus is the integration of multi-dimensional genomics datasets associated with the genetic etiology of neurological disorders. The pathogenesis of neurological disorders often involves multiple genes, complex interactions thus, the functional genomics aspect of my project employs genome-wide and targeted transcriptomics analysis of neural cell lines and post-mortem brains from different neurological disorders to investigate common pathological mechanisms which concur among these disorders. Prior to joining MGH, Dr. Yadav trained in bioinformatics in India and earned a PhD at Denmark Technical University focusing on understanding the effect of genetic, epigenetic and clinical variations on the molecular mechanisms in complex phenotypes.