Trisha Multhaupt Buell

Trisha Multhaupt-Buell, MS, LCGC is a Genetic Counselor and Clinical Research Program Manager at Massachusetts General Hospital in the Department of Neurology. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Michigan and completed her Master of Medical Genetics degree and genetic counseling training at the University of Cincinnati.

Ms. Multhaupt-Buell provides clinical genetic counseling for patients and their family members in the MGH Charcot-Marie-Tooth/Hereditary Motor Neuropathy Clinic and MGH Dystonia Clinic. Much of her time and energy is dedicated to coordinating multiple human subjects research protocols related to research participants with X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism and other dystonia-related movement disorders.

A major focus of her work involves the oversight of Dystonia Partners Research Bank (DPRB) research standard operating procedures, subject enrollment, and data & sample collection. The DPRB provides high-quality phenotypic data and tissue samples to medical researchers and laboratory scientists for movement disorder investigations.