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We provide world class expertise to support industry and research collaborators in developing clinical trials to discover next generation neurotherapeutics. Our patients receive best in class facilities, resources, and treatments.
Colorful science image of test tube and chemical compound
Colorful science image of test tube and chemical compound

The Neurotherapeutics Ecosystem at Mass General

Learn more about our neurotherapeutics ecosystem. Here you will find our clinical and research endeavors that show the breadth and depth of the neurotherapies across Mass General.

Neurological Clinical Research Institute (NCRI)

The NCRI develops, designs, supports and manages innovative observational and interventional trials for neurological disorders.

Clinical Trials Network and Institute (CTNI)

The CTNI offers psychiatric services that include site selection for your clinical trials, establish scientific advisory boards, assist in POC trial designs and review clinical developmental plans.

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Interdisciplinary Brain Center (IBC)

The IBC facilitates the discovery, development, and implementation of promising therapeutics and associated diagnostics for neurological, psychiatric, and neurosurgical disorders and technologies.

Focusing on Patients to Find Cures

Our multi-disciplinary approach combines the highest level of patient care with Mass General’s world class neurotherapeutics research endeavors.

Mass General's neurotherapeutic development research programs is situated among one of the world’s largest neuroscience, clinical and biotech communities.

2,000 + Researchers

Unparalleled Research Capabilities

We push scientific boundaries by training the best minds in the world

500+ Biotech Companies

Massachusetts Biotech Ecosystem

Worlds largest concentration of biotechnology and research centers.


Mass General has 1,200 clinical trials taking place at any given time.

Support Mass General Neurotherapeutics

Massachusetts General Hospital Neuroscience clinical trials seeks to prevent and treat brain based diseases while advancing the development of novel therapies.