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Mass General Neuroscience is a global leader in translational and basic research. From bench to bedside, we aim to revolutionize the treatment and prevention of brain disorders by bringing scientific and medical disciplines together.
Image of a clear brain with connected lines spread over surface
Image of a clear brain with connected lines spread over surface
Functional MRI and MEG whole-head connectivity, from Noam Peled, PhD and Steven Stufflebeam, PhD

Recent Advances

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NIH Neuroscience Funding at Mass General

Nearly one-third of Mass General's NIH funding goes towards neuroscience-based research.

#1 Research Hospital in America

Mass General is the #1 research hospital in America, with a large percentage of that dedicated to nervous system related disorders.

400+ Biotech Companies

Massachusetts Biotech Ecosystem

Worlds largest concentration of biotechnology and research centers.

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Mass General Neuroscience has over 1,000 neuroscience faculty members from across all hospital departments at the hospital. Below are a few of our faculty members. You can also search for our faculty on Find a Researcher.

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