With hot summer temperatures upon us, everyone is encouraged to take precautions to safeguard their health and well-being. In these short videos, Brian Yun, MD, MPH, MGH Emergency Medicine physician, shares tips on how you can stay safe, keep cool, and know the symptoms and differences between heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Tips on staying safe in the heat

In this video, Yun shares five quick tips on how you can stay safe during the heat wave.

Heat stroke vs. heat exhaustion

Heat stroke versus heat exhaustion: What’s the difference? Here, Yun explains the symptoms and signs of each, and why you should seek medical attention when these symptoms appear.

Coming up with a plan for cooling down

With temperatures forecast above 99 degrees throughout the weekend, it may feel impossible to beat the heat. In this video, Yun shares quick tips on how to keep cool and stay safe.