Debbie Burke, RN, DNP, MBA, NEA-BC,senior vice president for Patient Care and chief nurse, kicked off this year’s National Nurses Week celebration at the MGH with her inaugural Chief Nurse Address May 4. Burke took up the chief nurse position Jan. 1, and since then has been visiting patient care areas to better get to know staff and to let them get to know her.

“What has really resonated with me in all those unit visits is how much you talked about the value of your team and how much you value teamwork,” said Burke. “Today we’re going to be celebrating teams and teamwork.”

Burke highlighted a handful of the many extraordinary groups across the MGH who come together to care not only for patients and families but also for one another.

Through short videos, she highlighted the value of diversity in teams, their contributions to innovation and their generosity in caring for patients at the MGH and across the world in times of crisis. 

“Being part of a team can also just be great fun. It creates a good work environment,” Burke said. “We all feel good when we are part of a team. We have each other’s backs and all bring our A-game when we come to work. This week as we celebrate Nurses Week together, I hope that you celebrate with your own team. I hope that you’ll recognize the important work that you do for patients and families, and that you also recognize the joy and fun that you have being part of those teams.” 

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