Vicky Hurst, 68, has been writing poetry as a means of expression since she was very young. She recently came to the MGH due to a severe cough, and remained in inpatient care for a few days. When her physicians determined it was nothing more serious, Hurst was discharged. As she awaited her ride home, inspiration struck.

“While I was waiting for transportation home, I was sitting by the window and was struck by the spectacular view of the Charles River,” says Hurst. “I jotted this down and showed it to the discharge nurse. If nothing else, I hope you enjoy ‘The Flags of Snow.’”

Now feeling much better, Hurst will continue to share her love of poetry by teaching a beginner’s poetry class in her own building.

The Flags of Snow
By: Vicky E. Hurst, Jan. 11, 2018

The flags of snow waving across
The river Charles in Boston,
Coupled with snakelike trains
Slithering past the castled bridge posts,
Create an almost animated picture
Of this Great city in winter.
This is how it appears from the top floor
Windows in another great place in Boston,
Where fears can be dissuaded and pain
Can slowly melt away as does the snow
Over the river Charles in Boston.

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