The following was printed in the MGH HotLine on Feb. 6, 1975.

It’s a letter ... It’s a telegram ... It’s Superpost!

Faster than most mail, more flexible than telegrams, cheaper than long-distance phone calls is the hospital’s newest TELEPOST service.

The machine wires your “mailgram” to the post office nearest the address indicated. If it is sent by 4 pm of any day, the message is guaranteed delivery by the U.S. postman in the first round of the next day.

The cost per mailgram is $2.00, no matter where it goes in the United States. You are allowed up to 600 characters and spaces (about 100 words, capitalized). For an additional 50 cents you can have confirmation copy by mail the next day, and for 10 cents a copy at the end of the billing month.

For out-of-country transmission, the cost is 15 cents per word, with a minimum charge for 23 words ($3.45).

Unless you can telephone after 5 pm, or limit the call to a few minutes, it is probably less expensive to send a mailgram. For example, to call Chicago station-to-station between 9 am and 5 pm costs $1.15 for the first three minutes and 35 cents each additional minute. You can talk only five minutes before your call exceeds the cost of a mailgram.

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