On my commute home one evening in May of this year, I was waiting for the train at the North Station “T” stop when I heard a loud thud followed by frantic screams. Drawn to the commotion, I discovered that a man had fallen onto the train tracks. To say this was an intense situation would be a gross understatement. Indeed several onlookers panicked and fled the scene.

Joseph Makalusky, an attorney in Boston, penned these words in a letter to the directors of the MGH Core Laboratory about a potentially fatal event during an evening commute that was avoided with the quick help of Moises Morales, a clinical laboratory assistant in the Core Lab.

Mr. Morales, in stark contrast, handled the situation with aplomb; he moved quickly to the edge of the platform, encouraged the man to get to his feet and took the lead in pulling the man to safety before the train arrived. Mr. Morales literally saved this person’s life.

Morales’s courageous actions – and Makalusky’s letter – led to Morales being recognized by Peter L. Slavin, MD, MGH president, Dec. 12. Slavin honored Morales with an Excellence in Action Award, a monthly honor applauding the actions of MGHers both within and outside the walls of the hospital.

“He walked by me, tripped, and just fell. I wasn’t going to leave him there,” says Morales. He urged the fallen man to stand up and when he finally did, helped pull the man out of the tracks with the help of Makalusky, who assisted Morales. “We work here at MGH with patients who are sick, and we just help them. I would have done it for anybody, and I would certainly do it again.”

I felt compelled to write this letter because his actions should be lauded. As medical professionals, you strive to improve the health and well-being of our community with compassion and composure, and, as I witnessed first-hand, Mr. Morales epitomizes this mission.

Dozens of Morales’s colleagues gathered both in and outside of the Core Laboratory to join Slavin in celebrating the selfless deed.

“Moises takes care of others,” said Nancy Stanganelli, senior technical director of the Core Laboratory. “He’s a thoughtful, kind, caring, compassionate person. I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. I am just amazed at the bravery he exhibited during this event.”

You should be very proud of having people like Mr. Moises Morales representing your hospital – he certainly made an impact on me and the man on the tracks. 

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