The MGH Healthcare Transformation Lab celebrated the second class of its Healthcare Innovation Research Fellows Program May 15, honoring Numa Perez, MD, Surgery resident, and Konstantin Stojanovic, MD, Neurology resident, for their work throughout the past year.

The year-long action-learning program provides an opportunity for MGH health care providers interested in care delivery transformation projects to make an impact on the front lines. Fellows lead innovation projects with mentorship from experts in the field, while gaining hands-on experience guiding their projects from ideation, to iteration, to implementation.

“This program afforded me the opportunity to further develop my passion for digital health and allows me the time and space to focus primarily on innovative projects,” says Stojanovic, who focused on areas where technology and digital health could play a role in patient care. By joining the Healthcare Transformation Lab as a research fellow, he has been pursuing a project using big data to create machine learning algorithms to diagnose sleep disorders.

After three years in the operating room, Perez saw an opportunity to improve both the experiences and outcomes of his patients. The Healthcare Innovation Research Fellows Program led him to partner with an industry vendor to deploy a novel patient engagement and data collection platform for MGH Colorectal Surgery patients. The app will serve as a digital surgical companion, providing patients with education, notifications and reminders as they traverse what can be a very daunting perioperative journey.

“In an ever-more-complicated health care environment, the most effective way to create lasting change is to work at the system level,” says Perez. “We must identify sophisticated solutions to the complex situations our patients encounter.” 

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