Kelly Keough, RN, of the Cardiac Interventional Unit, died unexpectedly Aug. 22 after a brief illness. She was a staff nurse at the MGH for more than 27 years.

Keough started on the White 9 Medical Unit, then worked on the Ellison 11 Cardiac Interventional Unit.

“Kelly was a valued and beloved member of the Ellison 11 team, and was respected and loved by many people within the MGH community, whether that be her colleagues on Ellison 11, physicians, transporters or food service staff all over the hospital,” says Betsy Larson, RN, former Ellison 11 colleague, who now works on Blake 4.

“The staff of Ellison 11 lost a very special nurse. Mass General was the place where Kelly would shine, she was a caring, good friend who enjoyed her work.”

A memorial service for Keough is being planned. Details will be announced at a later date.

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