The window for The Joint Commission hospitalwide survey visit is open. The visit will occur sometime between now and April 2018.

The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that accredits most hospitals – including the MGH – in the United States and sets standards for accreditation that allows institutions to continue to participate with government-paid insurance programs and private payer programs. In preparation for Joint Commission’s arrival, the hospital will continue its work to identify quality and safety issues and ways in which the MGH can strengthen those areas.

During their triennial visit, surveyors will review patient care practices through unannounced visits to several areas throughout the hospital, including inpatient units, ambulatory practices and procedural areas.

For more information about the upcoming visit, or to learn more about ensuring Excellence Every Day for MGH patients and their families and caretakers, visit the Excellence Every Day page at:

This article was originally published in the 07/21/17 Hotline issue.