“You can make all the rules and set all the examples, but unless you change the culture you’ve got nothing,” said Keith Lillemoe, MD, chief of the Department of Surgery, at the 11th annual Nancy J. Tarbell, MD Faculty Development Lectureship Series. “I think there has been a glass ceiling for women in surgery, and we are working hard at the MGH to change that.”

Lillemoe spoke on the topic of mentorship and its inequalities in his lecture, “Mentoring in Academic Medicine: Much Accomplished, But Still Much More to Do,” at the May 8 event hosted by the MGH Center for Faculty Development. “We have to work to overcome the message, ‘people hire who they look like,’” he said.

Tarbell – the founding director of both the Center for Faculty Development (CFD) and the Office for Women’s Careers at the MGH – was instrumental in advancing and promoting the academic careers of MGH faculty. The lectureship series was established to honor that dedication and leadership while providing career advancement and professional development insights to faculty from highly regarded leaders.

“I am the beneficiary of outstanding mentorship,” said Lillemoe. “I want to make sure the mentoring I’ve received throughout my career is available to my daughter and for all the female residents and faculty in the early stages of their careers.”

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