“It is fitting that MGH has a hospitalwide award honoring the crucial but easily overlooked job of secretary. In my third decade here, I continue to encounter extraordinary people at that position, everywhere from the Bulfinch executive suites to the nursing units and CT scan desk. MGH teems with wonderful, helpful people who are the face and voice of this hospital. Amidst that throng of 20,000 very helpful people, JoAnne Reilly stands out.” 
–Walter J. O’Donnell, MD, clinical director, Pulmonary and Critical Care Unit

JoAnne Reilly, executive staff assistant in the Pulmonary and Critical Care Unit, was honored as the annual Pamela J. Ellis Memorial Secretarial Award recipient at the April 24 Administrative Support Staff Day Luncheon. Reilly was recognized for her kindness, extraordinary ability to handle difficult situations, patience and consistent ability to go above and beyond – qualities highlighted by O’Donnell in his nomination letter for Reilly.

“Other hospitals are made up of the same concrete, the same bricks, the same glass as ours,” said Peter L. Slavin, MD, MGH president. “But it really is the people of this hospital – each of you – that makes it so special and a beacon of hope for all our patients.”

The award was established in recognition of the outstanding performance and values of Ellis, who served as an executive secretary at the MGH from 1992 – 1996, and honors MGH secretarial staff who exhibit outstanding qualities in their work. This year, 137 staff members were nominated for the award. The complete list of nominees is featured in a framed plaque hanging on the wall opposite the MGH Gift Shop and will remain there for the upcoming year.

“Even at an extraordinary place like Mass General, even in an ordinary job like secretary, JoAnne is exceptional and extraordinary, helping to make MGH the incomparable place that it is.”  

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