The MGH uses the Employee Alert System (EAS) to communicate emergency information to all employees. The EAS delivers important messages to users by text message, email and phone. Computer pop-up alerts are also in place at many sites with other sites being added throughout 2017. You will receive messages from the hospital in the event of weather, public transportation or other emergency. 

What do staff need to do?

From your work desktop, go to Partners Applications > Utilities > Partners Employee Alert System to log into the member portal. From there, you can customize your notification preferences, verify your contact information and choose which Partners institutions you receive alerts from. 

If you would like to receive notifications on your mobile phone, please make sure this information is in the Partners Telephone Directory (PPD). If you do not want your mobile phone to be publicly visible, you can mark it confidential.

Optional: Download the free mobile app, ContactBridge, which will allow you to receive Employee Alert System notifications on your smartphone and interact with the system. You can login to the app using the single sign-on key phrase “partners1” (case sensitive) and your Partners username and password.

Open a HelpDesk ticket if you need technical assistance using the Employee Alert System.

New features

The Employee Alert System includes the following conveniences:

  • Users decide how they would like to be notified, and in what order the system should use these methods to try and contact you. For example, you can tell the system to try your mobile number first, followed by your home phone number and then email. When an alert is sent, the system will attempt to reach you via your mobile phone. If it succeeds, it will make no further attempts. If it does not reach you, it will continue to try and reach you at all of the contact methods you have listed, in the order you indicate.
  • Your contact information is synched once a day with existing databases such as PeopleSoft and the Partners Paging Directory which means if you update your phone number in the source location, such as PeopleSoft, the Employee Alert System will update with no additional action required by you.

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