There currently is a nationwide shortage of IV fluid bags. This shortage - which has impacted hospitals across the nation, including Mass General - is partly due to the severe damage sustained at medical product manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. It is expected to last for at least two more months. Hospital leaders are actively monitoring and addressing this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:


I heard that there is a shortage of bags of IV fluids. If I need IV fluids, will I get them?
If IV fluids are the best option for you, you will get them.

Will the IV fluid shortage affect my care?
Our top priority is to provide you with the highest-quality care. We can often use pills or liquid medications instead of medications that need IV fluids.

What products are affected by the shortage?
Bags of IV fluids are in short supply throughout the United States.

What are IV fluids?
They are sterile fluids in a bag that are given directly into a vein.

Why there is a shortage of IV fluids?
Medical product factories in Puerto Rico that make IV fluids were damaged in Hurricane Maria. This has caused a shortage of IV fluids throughout the United States.