In honor of National Nurses Week, May 6-12, MGH Hotline shines a light on some of the hospital’s amazing nurses, and how they help promote the MGH mission – advancing practice, research, education and community outreach. Thank you MGH nurses for all you do for our patients every day.


Sheila Arsenault, RN (31 years at the MGH)
Unit Nurse Leader, Chelsea HealthCare Center  |  Specialty/focus: Primary Care

“I was drawn to the Chelsea HealthCare Center because of its diversity. I realized soon after I started working how dedicated the staff was in caring for this population. I love being able to help our patients navigate the health care maze, and how much they appreciate our help. One of my greatest joys is mentoring staff to help them work at their highest level and continue their education in health care. I have had two medical assistants receive their registered nurse degree, and four more staff are in school to become nurses. I have been a nurse for 53 years and would choose this amazing profession again.”

Saheeda Mohammed-Kelly, RN (18 years at the MGH)
Certified Childbirth Educator; Staff Nurse; AHA CPR Instructor, Blake 14  |  Specialty/focus: Labor and Delivery, Childbirth Education

“As long as I can remember, I always wanted to help deliver a baby. I initially thought I would become an obstetrician but looked into nursing instead and am so grateful that I did. Nursing, especially being a Labor and Delivery nurse, allows me to contribute to the positive experience patients have during their labor and delivery. I have always had a passion for caring for women at their most vulnerable times. I feel truly blessed to be allowed to support and help women at this very special time in their lives, which has also helped me to achieve my lifelong goal of birthing a baby. I can honestly say I love my job!”

Gino Chisari, RN-BC, DNP (35 years at the MGH)
Director, Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical and Professional Development; Dorothy Ann Heathwood Endowed Chair in Nursing Education
Specialty/focus: Nursing Education and Professional Development

“In 2015, I was asked to develop a nursing competency model for the Jiahui International Hospital (JIH) in Shanghai, China. Once the model was accepted, the next step was to determine the gaps in knowledge and skill between current Shanghai nursing practice and the international nursing standards JIH adopted. Identifying the gaps lead to the development of several comprehensive curriculums focused on nursing practice across the life span. Most recently, my focus has shifted from clinical teaching to mentoring, coaching and overseeing the development of the JIH Educational Department. The experience has once again demonstrated to me that the noble work of nurses is the same everywhere in the world and being allowed to provide care to a patient and their family is an honor and privilege.”

Kristen Spriggs, RN (11 years at the MGH)
Infusion Nurse, Termeer Center  |  Specialty/focus: Oncology - Phase One Clinical trial unit

“My experience as an infusion nurse in the Termeer Center has given me a new perspective on research and the ability to contribute to cutting-edge cancer treatment development while still providing patient-centered care. In Termeer, we are able to work on research without sacrificing our patients’ needs. We take a holistic approach to patient care while maintaining research standards.”

Ines Luciani-McGillivray, RN, BSN, CEN (34 years at the MGH)
Clinical Nurse, Emergency Department (ED)  |  Specialty/focus: ED Post-discharge phone calls

“I feel honored to be part of a great team of nurses that help provide post-discharge calls to patients. Decreased patient follow-up with providers soon after being discharged home from the Emergency Department can lead to an increase in preventable ED readmissions, which contributes to many challenges. Nurses provide more than 100 calls per day – 24 to 48 hours post-ED discharge over 8- to 10-hour shifts. I feel that nurses are usually the first and last people that interact with the patient and can have a significant impact on high-quality, coordinated, safe patient discharge and increased patient compliance with follow-up.”

This article originally appeared in the 05/03/19 Hotline issue.