The MGH Basketball League closed out its 40th season this month, marking the occasion with a free throw competition and a final championship game. The league has played at many locations throughout its four decades – most recently to the YMCA in Charlestown – and hundreds of MGH staff, past and present, have enjoyed the competition and camaraderie the group offers. 

“We started the league as a way for more staff to get to know each other,” says Larry Washington, of MGH Police, Security and Outside Services. “It’s been great. We have people playing who were part of the original group, and we have newcomers all the time. It’s nice for some of the residents – they come and laugh and make friends for the three or four years that they are here at the MGH.” 

The co-ed league is open to all MGH and Partners employees. Typically eight to 10 teams are formed to play 10 games, plus playoff rounds. The group meets every Wednesday night during the winter.

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