Nurses at the MGH are team players, motivators, caregivers for patients and for one another and are always willing go the extra mile to help others. In honor of National Nurses Week, May 6-12, MGH Hotline asked MGH nurses to describe their colleagues, their favorite part of being a nurse and what makes MGH nurses so special. Here is what they said:

What makes MGH nurses so special?

“MGH nurses are incredible team players and never settle for good enough. We push each other to raise the level of practice on a daily basis. ” — Brian Cyr, RN, Medical

“MGH nurses are special because we are not only true advocates for our patients and families, but for the profession of nursing.” — Jen O'Neill RN, Neurology

What is your favorite part of being a nurse?

“My favorite part of being a nurse is being a part of the care team where nursing has a positive impact on each patient’s recovery. A nurse’s true compassion lessens patient suffering. We make a difference.” — Beth Anne Bowen, RN, Orthopaedics

“Being able to build a special relationship with each patient and family member and helping them through their difficult time." — Brittany Durgin, RN, Radiation Oncology

“As I reflect on my practice, the moments that I find most rewarding are seeing patients with chronic illnesses that I have cared for from infancy to young adulthood return to visit and they are living joyful, productive lives.” — Patricia Mahoney, RN, PICU

“My favorite part of being a pediatric nurse case manager at MGH is ... the honor and privilege to collaborate with our teams to coordinate the pediatric populations discharge needs to return home and get back to their lives with their families!” — Lisa M. Reynolds, RN, PICU

How would you describe your nursing colleagues at the MGH?

“They are compassionate, supportive, caring, empathetic, responsible and dependable. Not only do we take care of our patients, we take care of each other!” — Ashley Barron, RN, Hematology/Oncology

“My nursing colleagues on Ellison 16 are dedicated, intelligent, resilient, compassionate, dependable and kind. It’s been an honor and pleasure to work alongside them the past nine years.” — Stephanie Durand, RN, Medical

“My nursing peers are a constant source of motivation to me, always pushing me to advance my practice and improve the quality of care I deliver.” — Kate Roy, RN, Surgical

“The nurses of MGH are compassionate and fiercely dedicated to our patients and their families.” — Jasmine Elvira Duston, RN, Cardiac SICU

“I would describe my nursing colleagues at MGH as compassionate and conscientious, who are always willing to lend a helping hand or go the extra mile for patients, fellow nurses and anyone else on the care team." — Adina Steen, RN, Outpatient Neurology

“As an MGH nurse one of the most poignant and exhilarating times while in the Emergency Department was the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15, 2013. I was impressed with the professionalism, poise and grit that it took to take care of so many patients and coordinate their care all within a split second. The ability to move quickly, with compassion and excellent skills, helped all these patients.” — Michael Grasso, RN, Emergency Department

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