This week, the MGH Outpatient Pharmacy, on the first floor of the Wang Building, unveiled a new pick-up and drop-off window for clinicians. Located behind the Outpatient Pharmacy and across from the MGH Urgent Care Clinic on the left, the new window enables MGH staff to pick up medications or drop off prescriptions for patients unable to wait in the line at the front of the Pharmacy.

“Improving our efficiency for both patients and clinicians cuts to the heart of our commitment to excellence,” says Karen Ryle, RPh, MS, director, Outpatient Pharmacy Services. “Approximately 250 patients pick up their prescriptions daily at the front window, so this new window furthers our ability to get prescriptions filled while reducing lines and wait times.”  

The new window is the latest in a string of enhancements the Outpatient Pharmacy has implemented to increase workflows, service and satisfaction.

These innovations include:

--Implementation of a “Script-Pro” robot assisting pharmacists to improve safety by dispensing medications more efficiently;

--The“Time My Meds” program synchronizes and schedules a patient’s refills so they can get them at the same time, avoiding multiple trips to the Pharmacy;

--The “Pick-Point” will-call system that illuminates a patient’s prescription at the time of pick up, enabling a faster and easier way for technicians to identify a patient’s order, reducing time spent searching hundreds of prepared prescriptions;

--A voice response system, which calls a patient when their medication is ready to be picked up and when a medication is due for refill;

--A private patient counseling room for pharmacists to review a patient’s medications and administer the shingles vaccine.

The new window is available and staffed by a member of the Pharmacy team Monday through Friday, 9 am-5:30 pm. 

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